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2 definitions by ralven

A combination between a loser and macaroni. Term invented by a loseroni himself, Steven Plaisance. One who is completely hopeless. Any male who finds himself alone on the weekends. One who finds enjoyment in lounging on the couch all day, eating ice cream and watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Loseroni's rarely have dates, friends, or an animal companion. A loseroni never fails to make situations completely awkward and rarely smiles for pictures.
Steven Plaisance, although dashing and chipper, will always be a loseroni.
by ralven February 22, 2011
A person, preferably a man, who is social awkward. Usually has a "deep in thought" look on their face, even though this person rarely thinks. Can being knocked down by a weak gust of wind. Commonly referred to as a, "Steven Plaisance." A person who acts foolish, strangely, or ignorantly. Jagaloons should be kept out of reach of children and monitored around small animals.
The only thing worse than being a loseroni is being a jagaloon.
by ralven March 16, 2011