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a young pimp between the ages of 16-28, that has been brought up in the ghetto and has killed more niggazthan 50 cent. he is usually dressed in bulletproof armor, concealed by a pimp uniform and caries various amounts of cash and gats.
nig 1-"yo dat gangsta pimp is mackin on ma crunch again! lets lay his ass out"
nig 2-"hell no! he bulletproof nigga! peace! im owt!"
nig 1-"shit, i cant handle a gangsta pimp on ma own! peace!"
by ralphie jones the sequel June 28, 2004
a universal outfit designated for the use of pimps only, even though many white people known as wiggers wear them. a pui(pimp uniform) can help hoes find their pimp because he will be easier to spot. pui's are also pretty damn cool.
nig 1-"yo u see dat nigga in that pui?"
nig 2-"damn i gots ta get myself some of dat shit."
nig 1-"ya but u white"
nig 2-"oh shit."
by ralphie jones the sequel July 11, 2004
a highly prestigous rap album by the late JayRed, who is a case like other rappers, who has an unknown state of life, is he dead or alive? nobody cares. this album is unreleased but is planned to come out in september of 06.
nig 1-"yo i gots myself a copy of ralphie jones the sequel. yo its so ill"
nig 2-"nigga please"
nig 1-"i no he white but he ill yo! come lissen to this shit!"
nig 1-"yo that shit is bangin!"
nig 2-"i no rite!"
by ralphie jones the sequel June 28, 2004
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