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1. girls that go to a skatepark to pick up guys...usally just getting in the way.
2. trash skate girls
3. demhoes
check out the ramp tramps over there. skany
by ralph machio April 06, 2004
1.n: worst game ever. played only by newbs who love mediokre first person shooting games where aliens are the main target severly limiting the reality and entertaing aspect of anything.
1. "halo is terrible"
by Ralph Machio March 06, 2005
1.adj: one who dances stupid and has a terrible voice.
2.v: the act of dancing stuipd and or sucking at being a front man
1. "that axl rose front man was terrible!"
2. "i cant believe you axl rosed on the stage!"
by Ralph Machio March 06, 2005
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