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A variation on the word "pwned", but DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME MEANING! Also COMMONLY MISTAKEN AS the word "pwned".

Pooned is derived from the two words "pwned" (which is synonymous to "owned"; started in the online gaming community) and "poon" (which is a modern-day slang term for a woman's vagina).

Pooned can have a number of different meanings. The most obvious definition would be derived from combining the meanings of the two source words together - hence meaning, to be beaten or owned by a girl or a woman. The word is also less commonly used to refer to a male who is "pussy whipped".

A common application would be during Internet gaming, when a player announces herself to be female (upon which about 50% of the other male players in the server will commence to hit on her), and then commences to beat a male opponent. Everyone else in the same game server will then commence to type out "pooned!" (rather than "pwned") in an effort to ridicule the unfortunate player. Other common applications would include sports.

Something interesting to note is the fequencey in which this word is mistaken for the word "pwned", especially in spoken language. Such a mistake could lead to very long awkward silences in group conversations (especially when there are women around) because of the word's phonetic similarity to the word "poon". Such a situation usually ends with the idiot being slapped by one of the more prominent females of the group, or just generally being laughed at and ridiculed by the whole group. It is also amusing to watch the uneducated (usually prepubescent boys around the age of 13 who are obssesively addicted to Internet gaming) running abound shouting the word "pooned" at each other when what they mean to say is "pwned".

A final note on misusage, the source word "pwned" is simply "pwned" (pronounced p-owned). Not "pooned", not "pweened", not "pwooned", or anything else some idiot could possibly come up with, just "pwned". The history of the word "pwned" began when people would try to type out the word "owned" really fast, but would hit the "p" key instead of the "o" key on accident. "pwned" took on more popularity than "owned" after that. It is not some fancy word that some genius geek-elite out there invented, it simply began with the word "owned" and should thus be pronounced like the word "owned".

1 - "You just got pooned at tennis by Kathy!"

2 - "Wow . . . pooned."

3 - Example of incorrect usage: Jeff beats Jim at arm wrestling. Jeff shouts loudly, "I just pooned you, Jim!" The whole class laughs at Jeff.
by rakerubber March 07, 2006

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