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only half dressed(like panties and some other main artical of clothing) usualy in the prosses of putting cloths on or off
i'm so fucking imberised! Steven walked in on me only semi-decent the other day!
by raith the speshil friend October 01, 2005
noun. emos. refuring to their hairstyle. no matter their gender, age or leinght of hair, they all have sideparts of some kind. as an adj, to kick it sidepart is to go into an emotive state at randome times for no good reason.
the sideparters at my school always just hang around listoning to hawthorne heights and complaining ensessivly about their failyer or lack there of of sex/love/happyness/friends/girl pants/eye makeup/what ever.
by raith the speshil friend November 22, 2005
the word for extream cool and all around bad ass. Origanaly from MC Lars song. add "un" to make negitive.
That concert was so hurricane fresh!

Gym shorts are so unhurricane fresh.
by raith the speshil friend October 01, 2005

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