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To fix or make better than previously was.
I'm gonna Martha Stewart your twat! It's a good thing!
by Raine June 07, 2004
When leaving, you say "Tataruba!"
Even if your name is not Ruba, you still say it as a formal goodbye and expect a 'tataruba' back from the person to which you said it to.
"Thanks for the nice meal! Tataruba!"
"That's off the hook, tataruba."
by Raine December 10, 2004
An event where a man or a number of men go out to have a good time with native women.
Yeah, squaw hopping sounds good tonight! I'm gonna rip some bitch a new ass!
by Raine June 07, 2004
abercrombie with a punk-pouser twist
oh, my, GOD! i'm tired of abercrombie... i'm gonna shop at hot topic from now on!
by raine June 29, 2003
see {abercrombie}
like, oh my god pplz! there like totally a hot topic! let's go spend a shit load of money!
by raine June 28, 2003
When you wipe your ass and little pieces of toilet paper are still stuck to your hole.

-refer to Charmin ad
"That chick's ass I was fucking last night had a shitload of chitlins!"
by Raine December 30, 2009
Dark Warrior, main character of the Soul Chronicles. Copyrighted.
Obsidian rebels against Mot Gmohk but retains his darkness.
by Raine December 06, 2003

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