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A major economic contraction which began in 2008. The Great Recession featured the collapse or nationalization of many banks and investment houses. Characterized by a torrent of panicky headlines from the bloodthirsty vultures in America's piss-yellow newsrooms, who tried their damnedest to make us all believe that this was the worst it's been "since the Great Depression."
The Great Recession was the best opportunity yet to rob the public purse in order to bail out the rich-ass hedge fund managers and their golfing buddies.
by rainbow coma February 06, 2009
Synonym for Doctor Death March, a.k.a. Modafinil.
Pass those daffodils or I'll pass out at the wheel. There's still 200 miles until we get to Burning Man.
by rainbow coma February 06, 2009
Ketamine users get "robot feet" when they've squirted so much up their ass that they can no longer tell which way is up. They agonize over every step they take and very slowly perambulate, almost as if their legs were robots under remote control. To sober witnesses this behavior is hilarious. See ketapillar.
I got such bad robot feet it took me forty five minutes to walk all the way upstairs. By that time I was almost sober.
by rainbow coma February 06, 2009
Any art movement characterized by a boundless devotion to embellishment, elaboration, complexity, palimpsest, and T-shirts that are sorta hard to read. Overlaps with so-called grunge styles.
My mom made me shop at the Gap all my life. Now that I'm on my own, I've rejected Functional Minimalism. Instead I choose the path of Maximalism, as you can tell from the calligraphic skulls all over this copy of "Beautiful Decay." Wanna see my inkblot doodles?
by rainbow coma February 06, 2009
Slang for Provigil, the brand name for the remarkable prescription drug Modafinil. Modafinil erases fatigue and keeps you alert, but it's not addictive, it's non-toxic, it doesn't trigger psychosis, and most remarkably, it has no recreational value. It even has no hangover. For that reason, it is a perfect companion to coffee and cigarettes when you've got to death march all weekend because you played XBox all week and blew Friday's deadline. Also known as daffodils.
Dude, you better stock up on doctor death march or you might resort to trucker speed to get you through finals.
by rainbow coma February 06, 2009
A variant strain of science fiction where lovable technophile monks are the heroes of misadventures unfolding in a post-apocalyptic era. These wacky abbots and friars play crucial roles in preserving scientific and philosophical knowledge, even though it gets warped and twisted through the filter of religious superstition, often to ridiculous extremes. Bonus points for radioactive mutants, deformities, plague, witch burnings, alien visitations, nuclear fallout. Like other -punk genres, this one has nothing to do with punk rock, except maybe if you count the mutants.

Contrast with cyberpunk and steampunk, two related sci-fi "punk" sub-genres.
Walter Miller's A Canticle for Leibowitz and Neal Stephenson's Anathem are the twin towers of Monk Punk, a sci-fi genre which might as well include The Name of the Rose, since Europe's Dark Ages were pretty much a post-apocalyptic nightmare of their own.
by rainbow coma June 03, 2010
Donkey dust is slang for ketamine, a widely used medical dissociative anesthetic with a major recreational black market. Ketamine users are also known as "zombies" or "ketapillars" because after hoovering too many rails, they lose the ability to walk on two feet, resorting to quadrupedal perambulation.

In the mythical stages of ketamine intoxication, the donkey phase precedes the ketapillar, and the ketapillar phase precedes the legendary k hole.

ORIGIN from modern English donkey (slang for "doofus") + dust.

Etymological note. Donkeys travel on all fours, they are known to be stupid, and their nostrils are enormous. "Wonky" is slang for ketamine, and it rhymes with "donkey." Although ketamine is commonly used as a human anesthetic, urban legend labels it a horse tranquilizer, and horses are just one step removed from donkeys. "Horse" is also slang for "heroin," a much nastier anesthetic of abuse. None of this is coincidence.
After just 280 milligrams of insufflated donkey dust, Arctor staggered about on all fours like a drunken burro.

Donkeying is not pretty, but it's hilarious to behold.
by rainbow coma June 03, 2010

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