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A small town in Upstate New York even though everybody there denies it is "Upstate." The town itself is cute. However, the high school and those who attend it are just awful. It consists of three main groups: The dirtbag stoner kids from Tivoli (who are arguably the coolest of the three), the rednecks, and the worst, the country club Republican kids from families who throw lame-ass "block parties" and inbreed their children to protect the ELITE OF RED HOOK!!! Those kids won't give the time of day to anyone without a 4 story house or golf club membership and basically shit on anyone who isn't good enough for them. No one. NO ONE ever leaves Red Hook because they are either too attached to their inbred childhood group of friends and can't make friends in the real world, or because they have gotten knocked up by the kid down the street and had a shotgun wedding. Red Hook completely sucks and whoever has had the brains to get the hell out as soon as possible and move to a real town with real people, props to you. Even Rhinebeck people have far more sense than "red hookers" ever will. I'd rather fucking live in New Jersey for christ sakes.
New kid at RHHS: Hey man do you know what time this period ends?
Inbred red hooker: Why are you even speaking to me..
by raiderssuck1003729\ January 05, 2011

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