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3 definitions by raggy biotch

used in black eyed peas song "my humps" - refers to her "lovely lady lumps" (i.e. her breasts and tushy)
He told me he liked my humps!
by raggy biotch September 25, 2005

1.a rich mexican boy who is basically a metrosexual - wears very stylish clothes, cares a lot about his hair, and usually pops his collar
2. in other words, a male fresa

(see fresa)
I really like that guy at the fresa table.
But isn't he a freson?
Well duh! That's why I like him!
by raggy biotch October 02, 2005
Someone who is uncultured, lacks a full set of teeth, and votes Republican.
People that voted for Bush were most likely Nascar fans.
by raggy biotch October 02, 2005