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10 definitions by rafael garcia

The faint, lingering feeling of vicarious pain most men feel when they hear of another man in a situation where his penis has been injured.
Hey Jack, remember the end of that fishing trip when the car trunk accidentally slammed down on Phil's crotch? Man, I couldn't have sex for days after that one.
by Rafael Garcia July 21, 2005
"The lemmings have been owned."

lemming - slang term for XBOX fanboy on Gamespot forums.
lolzorz Sudeki flopped. TLHBO.
by Rafael Garcia September 01, 2004
"The cows have been owned."

cow - slang term for PS2 fanboy on Gamespot forums.
lolzorz Star Ocean 3 flopped. TCHBO.
by Rafael Garcia September 01, 2004
Screwing over a consumer by forcing him or her to purchase a large amount of games and/or accessories at the launch of a new console. Usable as a noun or verb.
"Gamestop's XBOX360 Ultimate Bundle costs $1200 but doesn't even include a second controller! What a bundlefuck!"

"Electronics Boutique really bundlefucked me when I bought a PSP - I only wanted Lumines but they also forced me to buy crap games."
by Rafael Garcia August 25, 2005
"The sheep have been owned."

sheep - slang term for GC fanboy on Gamespot forums.
lolzorz Custom Robo flopped. TCHBO.
by Rafael Garcia September 01, 2004

To degrade into a helpless spiral of in-jokes and bizarre plot twists so as to make it all but impossible for new viewers of a webcomic or show to become fans easily. See Red vs. Blue and Sluggy Freelance.
"Why is everyone's suit color in Red Vs. Blue different? And since when did the robot lose his head? Where did that guy come from!?"
by Rafael Garcia February 07, 2005
The best soft drink in the history of the world. Pepsi's short-lived venture into the field of making a soda that's actually GOOD was a tasty, guarana-filled fruit delicacy.
"Damn, this Josta drink kicks ass!"
by Rafael Garcia January 19, 2005