1 definition by radshnarbee

A state that just simply is awful. One of the few asshole states who winters can get to single digits and summer to triple digit temperature. the people are mostly rednecks and hillbillys. they brag about how much laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndddddddd theey have and yes they say and spell it like that.If u go there everyone has too buttfuck UNC basketball since they cant get into a Private college like Duke. Horrible education and schools. Illegal drugs and alcohol are a daily part of life. Unfortunantly i was born in this state and until Im 18 i am stuck here. At least its not Alabama is the only bright spot of this state
man from North Carolina : Howdy duddy partner, sweet tea and watch UNC game.

Man from somewhere with class: WTF is sweet tea?
by radshnarbee July 22, 2011

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