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2 definitions by radaeon187

Background: A new "term" to discribe society in the United States due to mass-immigration, illegal aliens, and the failure of the government to enforce immigration laws designed to preserve American culture and heritage.

Definition: The acquisition of dissimilar cultures (Mexican, Korean, Saudi, India, Pakastan, Etc.)collectively living in a society based on a shared set of values, goals and practices (American Culture)while retaining their original culture and applying it to every day life with a disregard to American culture.
Damn the Govt. for allowing me to make up this term!!!
by radaeon187 August 03, 2004
When a person has to "pinch a loaf", usually every day at 9:30am
"Jango had to 9-30 real bad and almost didn't make it to the toilet!"
by radaeon187 April 08, 2004