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2 definitions by rad kid

an exceedingly large amount of
Totally rad kid #1- excuse me sir, are you quite aware that Quiet Riot is a Hella good band?

Totally rad kid #2- I am fully aware of this fact, for I am a conossieur of Butt Rock
by rad kid December 11, 2003
Butt rock is the any Heavy Metal music from the eighties that is so horrible that it is both hysterical and hella rad at the same time. These bands usually have amazingly ugly members who wear exceedinly tight pants big hair and make up. One good way to tell if a band is "Butt Rock" is if during their music video, the drummer blows a kiss to the screen while drumming
Quiet Riot and Twiztid Sister are the best examples of butt rock. If you really want to know about the radness of butt rock download the song "Cum on feel the noise!" by Quiet Riot
by rad kid December 11, 2003