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a person with mixed blood worse than a mutt
mixed breeds are usually dirt blood and their family has no sense in the cause of racial purity
by raciststoner May 15, 2009
1)badass rapper who was killed by a fat ass by the name of suge knight

2)one of my favorite rappers
1) read about the death or Tupac to learn what i did

2)listen to the shit Tupac spit
by raciststoner May 12, 2009
1) a tribe that is no longer full native

2) a tribe that has no sense of what racial purity means

3) a native tribe that anyone white boy can claim now

4) a white skinned native with no sense of native pride
1) Cherokee: dude it kicks ass to be native

Native: bitch, white skin isn't native

2) Whiteboy: i'm part native

Native: 2 percent doesn't count

3) see example #2

4) see example #3
by raciststoner May 12, 2009

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