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The co-creator of the TV show "South Park," who has excelled at making racial, ethnic, and other mean-spirited humor socially acceptable among young people. A man of questionable talent, he produces low quality animation with poor dialogue to titillate the gross fantasies of teens and overgrown kids.
If Matt Stone couldn't make fun of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities and retarded people, he wouldn't have any jokes left.
by racistssuck120 August 20, 2009
Co-creator, with Matt Stone, of TV show "South Park." While he elicits fanatical support among fans, Parker's only talent is his ability to poke fun at Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, gays, and retarded people. Both Parker and Stone seems to suspiciously know a lot about gay people, as evidenced by the jokes on their program and movies, which is strange for a couple of straight guys. Many observers suspect that Parker and Stone are gay and in the closet, but this is unconfirmed.
Trey Parker is cool among racist teens and twenty-somethings because he encourages his dim-witted fans to laugh at people who are not white.
by racistssuck120 August 20, 2009

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