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2 definitions by racist chris

When you get a blowjob, but the servicer bites the tip of their partner's penis. Popular in San Bruno and Anime conventions.
I was getting my dick sucked while reading manga, but then this fool went and bit my penis. Therefore... it was an Austinjob.
by racist chris August 14, 2011
45 10
A cut you receive from a handjob where the servicer has one long middle fingernail. Side effects may include the desire to stay up all night and watch anime.
A: "Sup buddy, want a handjob?"

B: "No thanks, the last time you gave me one you gave me a chostincut."

A: "Ok then. Wanna go to cha?"

B: "No thanks, I'm too busy watching anime."
by racist chris August 18, 2011
34 3