2 definitions by rachel :DDD

fuzzy is THE MAN with really FUZZY hair. he also had good taste in clothes =D he has a fanclub, though he doesnt know it. >>....<<.....lesson of the day, never shout out your address to two crazy chics D: it will come back to haunt you one day.
prepare to meet thy doom fuzzy >D....;-; someone go touch his hair!! ITS SO FUZZY!!!
by rachel :DDD March 07, 2008
Rachel is an almighty vampire. and here at the Church of Rachel we celebrate death, destruction, violence, and jeffree star. so come child, and confess your sins, we won't judge, only praise you for that murder you committed last fall. D:
welcome to insanity, how may i help you?
(someone there to confess a sin) "Rachel, i told someone vampires don't exist."
(rachel) *bitch slaps confessor* NEVER TELL SUCH LIES. D:<
(confessor) im sorry D:
(rachel) you are forgiven D:
(rachel) *secretly steals confessors wallet*
by rachel :DDD January 23, 2008

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