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243 definitions by rachel

A more perky type of goth, (predominately female.) Their look usually includes gemstones, brighter colors (pink is very popular), and of course a lot of glitter. Look out for black outfits and unaturally colored hair, false eyelashes, decorative make up, or wigs. Closely connected with babydoll goth.
Switchblade Symphony
by rachel December 27, 2003
the words chill out and relax combined together
Person: OMG OMG OMG!
Other Person: Shut up and chillaxe you freak!
by Rachel November 20, 2003
A primarily Hindu belief that ties in with reincarnation- if you are good and build up good karma in this life, then next time you might be reincarnated as a Brahmin, or a Kshatriya. (In Hinduism, the only caste that is able to become enlightened thereby escaping the endless cycle of rebirths are the top caste, the Brahmins).
If I'm really good, maybe I'll get enlightened.. yay!
by rachel February 01, 2004
A person who claims to be bisexual for attention. These people can usually be seen making-out etc. with the same sex in social events like parties.
She's never even physical with a girl unless someones watching damn attention bi!
by rachel December 27, 2003
Bloomington, IN where Indiana Univeristy lies. Considered to be the Western East Coast, mostly because of the likeness of people to Long Island or Potomac, MD. Obsessed with Basketball and supposedly in the middle of nowwhere. Probably because it is!
Note: The term Hoosier isnt exciting at all. It simply means "a person from Indiana"...Pretty cool, huh?
by Rachel November 01, 2004
1.a draft of a proposed law presented for approval to a legislative body
2.a piece of legal tender;money
3.a statement of costs or charges
4.a kickname for a person usually named william
1.The bill became a law.
2. I have a $20 bill left.
3. My parents grounded me after they saw my cell phone bill.
4. Bill is being an idiot today!
by rachel February 09, 2005
Full of rich kids driving SUV's, and wearing designer clothing.
Rachel: Hey want to go to neimans to see the gucci bag I want?
Lauren: Sure, but first I have to fill up my car with gas. Driving a range rover is expensive.
by rachel December 05, 2003