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Expressed in situations where one might utter "easy tiger" or "damn girl," as in "calm down" or "take it easy."
person 1: "...and he put his hands up so i punched them instead, and then he like. grabbed my hands and started stepping on my feet..."

person 2: "damn gina! what's up, violence?"
by Rachel January 21, 2005
a stack of hay dnt be silly with all your CA and shite
i shat on a haystack
by rachel January 23, 2005
a thug like baller man, who plays b ball like a shot caller
Such as David Sumney the baller of all shot callers
by Rachel May 13, 2004
A very great band, who have had some member changes but all have been amazing musicians. The mixed funk with punk, and threw a little bit of rap in too. They've had many hit songs, and several successful albums.
Red Hot Chili Peppers were around before Faith No More, dumbass.
by Rachel April 24, 2005
big dave
big daves a "ledgend"
by rachel September 18, 2003
i wanna go to califonia...
(street name)
(i want some cocaine)
by rachel June 21, 2003
1.n. A Christian who shares their religious beliefs with another in hopes of converting them.
2.n. A Christian who chooses to follow the Bible in its entirety, instead of picking and choosing which parts most conviently fit their current lifestyle. They live their life to fit the Bible, instead of twisting their interpretation of the Bible so they can still sin and not feel as guilty. They are often ridiculed for living as the Bible allows and trying to convert others.
That preacher was called a Bible thumper for handing out tracts to people in the community.
by Rachel July 20, 2004

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