243 definitions by rachel

Dirty Little Tramp; skank
She is such a DLT! Did you see her acting like a skank yesterday?
by Rachel October 03, 2004
an ass hole with a big head
Damn.. that fat ass has a cadillac head
by rachel February 14, 2005
to knit / crochet - as in the linus club or project linus ( charity that donates knitted blankets to sick kids)
shes such a granny, all she does is linus
want me to teach u to linus
by rachel January 27, 2005
He is the only begotten SON of GOD. Jesus Christ is living today and for eternity. He is my Lord. He saved me from my sins and from eternal damnation in hell, and He will save you too if you only ask Him to!
Jesus is Lord! He is my closest and best friend!
by rachel January 13, 2005
Nickname for city of KINGSTON, Ontario, not Kitchener you fools. Who even lives in Kitchener?
K-town chills hard, bitches.
by rachel March 01, 2005
Lynette/. UGLy as hell. shitface
THat Bitch is a fuck face
by Rachel April 10, 2005
to indirectly say you want to goose a carrottop until they bleed
Shelly said good night to me...but really she wants me up the butt.
by Rachel March 04, 2005

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