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its what you are when your jrgy, rss, brsy, jakee, enree (hes foreign exchange), charles, penel & cynth
"Come on guys, theyre so cool, lets SNARK it with the snarkinZ."
by Rachel March 24, 2004
a. to reach total enlightenment

b. the bitchinist fukkin band out there
Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana.
by rachel November 01, 2003
When it is summer, Murry's back legs get all hairy and fuzzy and from behind, he looks like he's wearing pants constructed from his own fur.
Hey, Bridge, Murry's panting in his catpants.
by Rachel June 18, 2004
a random man; generally found online trying to pick up girls.

"This weirdo mandom left me a message on Myspace...creepy."
by rachel June 14, 2006
its the "x factor" a variable of life
That jey over there is being mad jey about this whole jeying situation.
by Rachel March 20, 2005
Flucked: Fucked in the ass upside down.
"i flucked him, ya know....flucked"
by Rachel September 11, 2004
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