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English slang meaning 'ugly'.
He ain't nice lookin' he a rottah.
by Rachel June 19, 2003
Place where a bright young student is broken repeatedly. Resistance is futile. Jesus will win your soul.
Delaware County Christian school taught me how to hate myself more affectively.
by rachel March 25, 2005
my home dawg that is down with the bitchs and the hoes!
im down with G-O-D peoples!!!
by Rachel December 28, 2004
When a person adds a needless definition to a free public dictionary already filled with tons of extraneous words and phrases. See retard
"Kindergarten complex. Who the hell needs to know that word?" cried Johnny.
by Rachel February 24, 2005
the best person alive, seriously.
cherrychick3314 is my hero.
by rachel February 04, 2005
A super geeky dork
"I'm proud to be a gork!"
by Rachel September 14, 2003
Its somone whos half black and half white (a Wigger)just like the infamous black and white swiss cake roll.
Ooooohh that swiss cake roll is HOOOTTt.
by rachel January 12, 2005

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