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a term used to describe sex when a girl is trying to have sex with a fat man, but is getting crushed under his weight; therefore making the girl a pancake.
After Bob and I fookoojaked, I couldnt walk.
by Rachel March 31, 2005
A common white male, clearly resembling a teddy bear. Good for cuddling.
Aww look at them cuddling! She's got herself a timmybear!
by Rachel July 26, 2004
One of great cynicism and wisdom
Gerg's prophecies:
1. People Shit Me
3. Just Leave Me The Fuck Alone
4. Bring back Hunters
5. The Truth Hurts
by Rachel February 22, 2003
a particular kind of shirt worn by girls looking to get attention by boys when attending parties or going out to bars/clubs. they are often shiny, low-cut, and/or revealing in general.
"So what slut top were you thinking of wearing tonight?" said jessica
"i was thinking the yellow one i wore on my birthday. i haven't warn that one in a while and it's really cute!" said rachel.
"yes, definitely."
by rachel June 17, 2006
to screw around, to doddle, to waste time
Mr. President, quit dilly dallying, you need to be arrested for war crimes.
by Rachel June 18, 2004
A less tortrous concentration camp
Rupert went to school, only to be tortured even more.
by Rachel June 05, 2004
When someone needs to fart really bad but is holding it in for some reason, and the gas is so bad it burns.
"Poor Sam. He was at an interview last week and had an ass of fire for an hour!"
by Rachel February 23, 2003
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