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A word used to describe a very hot person. First used in reference to Tyson Ritter.
Wow, Chris Faller is definately a hottie mc hot hot.
by Rachel June 19, 2006
pussy with all these nastyass crusty God-knows-what shit growing on it. Very unsanitary.
I think some of your coochi crust got on my penis.
by Rachel December 06, 2004
smelly stuff that is normally brown, green and sometimes black that comes out of your asshole. Girls sometimes shit on glass tables while guys lie underneath and beat off...yummy
My shit flew out of my butthole as fast as a black man escaping from jail.
by Rachel February 24, 2005
an amazing girl whos pretty, funny, nice, adorable, and just awesome!!! i <<3 you arielle!

"Everyone LOVES arielle."
by Rachel June 23, 2004
never heard of it are an amazing band who come from america, they sing about tacos and tequila but apart from that they sing about things that mean something to them. The band members are davin,rick,jeff,elmo and greg. they are funny guys who are great to hang out with. they have had many albums including limited edition,moving on,the new shit and their new album 11 days. some of their songs are taco song,alone,waste of time,up all night,no regrets,veronica,build me up,i'll change for now,last letter read,hard headed,feb 31st,etc. they are fucken awesome.
i saw a band called 'never heard of it' in concert in brighton and i met davin and got elmos drumstick,jeffs water and jeff,rick and davin hugged me and signed my t-shirt.
by rachel February 18, 2004
45 minutes of pure torture by food alone that all female boarding members, and a few select members of the faculty, of the Miss Porter's community are put through twice a week, every week, for the pure enjoyment of the Head of School.
The thought of sit down dinner makes me sick.
by Rachel May 21, 2006
A new emo band!.. it has the rhythm guitar player and bass guitar player of Taking Back Sunday in it and they so kick ass!!
Straylight run's song "the tenion and the terror" kicks ass!
by Rachel October 23, 2003
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