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A Graf term, meanin' to write wit' other people and sharing the same panel at the same particular.
Me, spun and Alien are goin' down to Main Street and we gon be burnin' together.
by rQ_Tek519 December 18, 2004
The hottest girl in the K-Dub. Hussled my ass at pool.
"That girl is pretty hot, but she ain't no Seng!".
by rQ_Tek519 December 19, 2004
Quite possibly the worst cast member on Saturday Night Live, poor at improving because he always bursts out in laughter in most skits.
Chris Farley clone but not as quite funny.
by rq_tek519 February 23, 2005
24K a dope underground femcee based in Brooklyn, but raised on the mean streets of Montreal, Canada. Dissed up any wacked Femcee..includin' the Queen Bee herself.
MTL Bitches run shit..so fuck wat chu' heard.
by rQ_Tek519 December 17, 2004
A rapper/magazine publisher, Gave Eminem Unsigned Hype status, then later having beef wit' Shady records cuz' one of his writers gave Em 3 mic checks outta 5 fo' that wacked-ass Real Slim Shady Album.
Benzino is cool, dun fuck wit' him.
by rQ_Tek519 December 01, 2004

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