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Home to all the fags at the university of Texas.
"You know that town Austin, the Texas capital? It's home to all the fags at the university of Texas.
by rob November 29, 2004
a word made up to mean "attracted to both sexes". for men, its usually a half way stage to becoming gay. for girls, its a term used to get the guy they want
men: "dave, i think i might be bisexual"
girls "will you fancy me more if i say im bisexual ;) "
by rob September 13, 2003
The worst possible retarded fucker candidate in the world. He ran against Bush in 2004 and rightfully lost. A much better candidate than Albert Gore in 2000, but a fucker none the less.
Damn it! Kerry won! Damn! Here come the Taliban to kill us!
by Rob March 13, 2005

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