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When going to a dark and shifty area to pick up a whore, you're car is bombarded with a group of frenzied prostitutes from all around the area that are all competing (Most likely violently) to get your attention by jumping on the hood of your car or flashing you etc. in the hopes that you will pick them so they can make a quick buck.
I was driving over here and when i stopped at the red light on the corner of 5th street my car got like 6 dents from a hooker stampede.
by rKrDuDe265 December 15, 2009
While at a party that is serving a large amount of alcoholic beverages such as beer, one or more individuals urinates in an empty, or slightly filled beer bottle without anyone looking. The bottle full of urine is then placed in the back of the refridgerator to ensure that by the time someone finds it, they will be fairly drunk and wont immediately notice that it is full of piss and take a sip of it. This can be done with various other beverages but beer seems to be the best to use to pull this off because of the large numer of beers at parties and many bottles are colored and thus, makes the color of the urine less noticeable.
We pulled a beer swap at the party last night. The guy who got it was so drunk that he didn't even know it was piss until he took 2 sips. After he found out though he puked on some chick's face.
by rKrDuDe265 January 01, 2010
When a disgruntled, highly mentally unstable, or just plain wierd office worker goes into his place of employment and starts shooting up the office, usually with a semi-automatic weapon. This used to be very common amogst postal workers. Some people have actually done this at an ex-lover's workplace after a bad breakup. Most causes involve a series of frustrating events that go on for years and then one horrible event or day sets some poor motherfucker off the deep end.
After he got fired and lost his house last week, Jim went to the Corporate shooting range and killed some lawyers.
by rKrDuDe265 December 15, 2009
an acronym for "Chow Down on my Cock"
Guy#1: What the fuck you hit my car!
Guy#2: CDOMC you asshole
by rKrDuDe265 November 25, 2009

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