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One who loses their way inside the gastrointestinal track and must wait for the owner of aforementioned organs to defecate in order to escape.
A buttstruggler is often met with horribly unpleasant odors. A shower is usually taken after, but is not mandatory.
Aaron: Dude, Fred got stuck in my ass again yesterday. I had to have a good shit before he finally got out.
McGreggor: Haha, what a buttstruggler.
Aaron: Aye.
by r0lb November 10, 2006
A small, usually cylindrical and aluminium depository for semen. Portable, easy to carry, and often mistakable as cans of soup.
Fred: Shit, G! I thought I was makin' some cream of mushroom soup... but fuck! I really cooked up the contents of a sperm canister!
Jason: fr0ffle
by r0lb July 03, 2006
Alteration of r0lf = alteration of rofl.
Flows smoother than rofl.
Homosexual Manifesto: lolz sticky bumsex just occured with me and a snail"
Friend: r0lb
by r0lb April 12, 2006
One who runs in circles, but lacks the 1337ness or simple ability to add zeros to their descriptors.
Jack: You fuckin' noobaloid.
by r0lb October 09, 2006
Of or pertaining to the status of being pinner.
Conrad: He took that bong lump pinnerly
by r0lb April 07, 2008
One of those annoying partial erections. Not quite hard enough to masturbate with, but hard enough to be seen by people if you stand up. They're also rather difficult to get rid of, because by the time you get one you want to get the rest of the erection.
Jason: brb getting milk -gets up-
Mom: You're semiboned, son. I don't need to see that.
Jason: -.-
by r0lb July 04, 2006
To smoke a joint or drop a tab, and then stick your leg out into a crowded interesection, interfering with the path of any testicals that may be walking past - thus causing them to fall over.
-Lars sticks his foot out without noticing that a pair of testicals are stampeding across the road. They run into it and fall over, spilling semen everywhere-
by r0lb January 05, 2008
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