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Is a Lame Australian live TV show Hosted by Elloit Spencer a geeky queef emo who only acts excited because of his Ecstasy Addiction he makes jokes also which arn't even close to being funny and everyone he has on the show appear to hate him eg Jade the hot nice assed Movie presenter and the surfing scientist forgot his name there however are some alright shows on rollercoaster and others are just plain retarded and elloit the fag makes cool suggestions which makes it even worse

He also makes segments which he stars himself mostly into which are complety dumb and he can't afford and is to much of a loser to star anyone else into it he also used to have the most infamous saying when the best time of the show was the ending bye for now not forever which it should be forever cuz id love to see that cunt dead.
Zak-mann Rollercoaster fucking sucks i hate the host'
Kyle-ayye he looks like a fucked up harry potter on E'S
by qwerty4eva4 June 09, 2009

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