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Kaweelah is the über alternative spelling for cool.
Cool goes Kewl.
Kewl goes Kwel.
Kwel goes Kawel.
Kawel gores Kawela.
And then the extra letters is needed.
Kawela becomes Kaweelah..
Its really stupid and only used by dumbasses.
But people still see it as alterative and scene..
- Oh ehm gee! did u see that?!
- Yeah it was like hella rad!
- Like.. So effin kaweelah!
by qwerty bitch December 29, 2007
Bixxch is the ultimate spelling of the word bitch.
Its often used in more humorous situations, and not in serious ones.
And the xx's isent for the emoness.. Its just simply radtastic..
- Omg.. You're screwed! xD
- Stfu bixxch! You're in it to! ;D
- I guess you're right..
- But you're still a bixxch -hugs- ;D
by qwerty bitch December 29, 2007
= ,
The = , smiley is just like the regular =) smiley, but with more sympathy/empathy.
It may be used in more sencitive convos, and to bring your friends to a better mood.
- Im feeling so down since that incindent.. ;__;
- You know i feel sorry for you right..?
- Yeah.. I guess.. .__.
- Lets meet and talk it out? = ,
- Sounds like a good idea.. = ,
by qwerty bitch December 29, 2007

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