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A guy who gets drunk on his show and often claims that the drink is the most important part of the meal. He makes this claim because his food is really bad and his drinks will distract the public from this.
Typically he does douche-y things and makes people feel bad about themselves to gain power.
"Can you believe how drunk he was last night?"
"Yeah, he was a total Bobby Flay."
by qwerpoiu November 18, 2009
A combination of the terms "bitch" and "bastard".
Typically used to describe a manly looking woman or an effeminate man.
"Hey man! Do you see that girlie man over there?"
"Eww yeah, that guy is such a bitchard."
by qwerpoiu November 18, 2009
You use the term "brick shit house" to describe someone who is hideous looking. Usually this person has a disproportionate figure, uber short legs, or is just super fat.
Person A: "Do you see that huge ass person over there?"
Person Z: "Yeah, that bitch is build like a brick shit house."
by qwerpoiu November 18, 2009
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