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Refering specifically to a part of the world in which the food is so delicious, your posterior is about to increase exponentially.

A term coined in Peru, where the food is pretty amazing.
Wow, it´s so nice to come home to mom and dad´s... the fridge is always full, mom just made a cheesecake, and keeps bugging me to eat the whole thing...

yeah. welcome to assgrowturf, bro.
by quitobean March 24, 2008
someone that, regardless of the time of year or impending elections, relishes everything political. One can also be deemed a seasonal politigeek, returning to normal behavior after elections have finished.
"Rather than go to Anthony's bachelor party, I went to a local bar and watched the VP debates with 50 close personal strangers. It was awesome."

Woah.... i certify you a card carrying, bonifide politigeek."
by quitobean October 06, 2008

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