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A magical plane of existance closely related to the ether. It deals with non matierial objects.
He drew his power from the Aether.
by Quinton February 27, 2005
A person rather promiscuous with their memes. They spread their memes at a higher rate than most other humans. Most bloggers are ridiculous memesluts. Also a pretty sweet website.
Quinton won't shut up about venetian snares... what a memeslut.
by Quinton November 02, 2004
Generally used in a professional setting, human clutter refers to a person who is so unproductive and utterly worthless that they are a detriment to the rest of the team. These people get in the way of other coworkers getting shit done.

The human equivalent to a bunch of plastic toys strewn across the floor.
Lindsay is a server at a busy restaurant. Lindsay makes messes all the time, but slacks off during cleanup. Lindsay stands around in the kitchen when she doesn't have any food coming up and should really be watching her tables. Lindsay is human clutter.
#retard #moron #useful #bad coworker #angel
by Quinton July 26, 2006
The act of getting high.
q: Yeah and he's such a d-bag &c &c
shep: Dude you are so angry today
q: I know one sec getting pleasant
#gettin pleasant #getting high #gettin stoned #gettin ripped #getting ripped
by Quinton June 15, 2006
Get out my face you fuckin C.D.S.
by Quinton June 08, 2004
same as penis but different
my paynus is huger then yours.
by quinton November 24, 2004
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