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The unwritten rule that states that before any man can date a woman, her best friend must approve of him. If the man fails the best friend test, the relationship will either
a) cease to exist
b) exist in a miserable state until said best friend finally convinces her friend to dump the man

The best friend test is voided if said best friend steals the man, hence ending not only her best-friendship with the woman in question but also creating a new best friend test with her new best friend.

Confusing? Yes. But perfectly logical.
I failed my last best friend test and hence am single.
by quiggler October 08, 2006
1) a group of people who dertermine your fate in a courtroom
2) the gliss hanging from your neck or wrists, or the grill embedded in your mouf.
The jury ordered Chad to hand over his jury as a collateral for his release on parole.
by quiggler September 30, 2006
the local non-chain burger joint near one's place of residence. Usually the restaurant has a "neighborhood feel" and reasonable prices, while serving a variety of artery clogging delights. Often named after the owner, such as "Mike's Fast Foods" or "Big Franks Hot Dogs".
lets go down to the local grease pit and grab a burger and some fries
by quiggler August 10, 2007
slang originating in Chicago, dip is a term for a side girl or jumpoff
person 1: ay is that your wifey?
person 2: nah, she just a dip
by quiggler May 25, 2008
A term for a person of Mexican descent. It usually considered as a term of endearment and rarely used in an offensive way.
Person 1: Yo, did you see Efren yesterday?
Person 2: Hell yea, he's my favorite brazer.
by quiggler August 03, 2006
a word of advice from one lil' wayne, as he is about to make it rain.
Weatherman: "Kindly make sure to grab an umbrella before you leave the house today, Mr. Wayne has been spotted in the vicinity with large amounts of cash and several bottles of Patron"
by quiggler August 16, 2007
urban slang for a basketball team
Ex: we finna hit up Memphis wit da hoopsquad

by quiggler April 21, 2008

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