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Officially - A country in the Middle East
Actually - A place where great food and the most GORGEOUS women come from
Guy 1: Holy shit!!! Look at that babe!!!
Guy 2: Oh yeah, she's from Lebanon
Guy 1: That explains it
by Quicksand Jesus May 06, 2004
People from outerspace. Generally peace loving and wise, they've come to Earth because we've got velcro and they love that shit
I've got some Aliens living in my basement
by Quicksand Jesus May 02, 2004
Something I flatly refuse to conform to
What do you call a spade?

Average person: I call a 'spade' a 'spade'
PC dimwit: I call a 'spade' an 'excavation instrument'
Me: I call a 'spade' a 'fucking shovel'!!!
by Quicksand Jesus April 19, 2004
What I drank too much of last night...
Fast food for me at lunchtime!
by Quicksand Jesus June 16, 2004
Austrian psychiatrist, lived 1856-1939. Came up with things like the 'Oedipus complex', where apparently young males can become jealous of the father and want to fuck their own mothers. In my opinion, that could only happen if I were suddenly adopted by one of the Olsen twins... Hey! They're 18 now, it's open season!
If I could go back in time, I would go visit Sigmund Freud and kick him in the balls for being so stupid
by Quicksand Jesus May 09, 2004
What you get after eating too much McDonalds food
Me - Mate, I've got the McShits
Random person - Oh yeah? Too much McDonalds food?
Me - Exactly
by Quicksand Jesus May 10, 2004
A mythical place where the Fuckistani people live
I don't know where Fuckistan is, but it's there, somewhere...
by Quicksand Jesus May 09, 2004

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