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13 definitions by qui long

A very derogatory term, or combination of two terms, used to express extreme displeasure with another individual, usually because of anger or disgust. It can also be used simply to belittle a person.
That guy who ripped me off is a fucker bitch.

That stupid retard is a fucker bitch.
by Qui Long July 09, 2009
1. Major League Baseball player Manny Ramirez.

2. The act of anal intercourse between two men.
ManRam struck out today.

I would hate to be called ManRam all the time because it sounds like I like to get manrammed.
by Qui Long July 09, 2009
A rough form of fetish sex, it can involve the very swift jabbing of a penis into an anus or can refer to roughly inserting other objects into the anus. It is potentially injurious if a non-safe item is inserted.
She's into anal gouging so I roughly inserted the handle of a hammer into her anus.
by Qui Long July 09, 2009
An insult. Another way of calling someone a "dick sucker."
You're a gay dill sucker.
by Qui Long July 09, 2009
Pronounced "saf-pos," an acronym for Stupid Ass Fucking Piece Of Shit. Used to describe an item or person for which one has great disgust.
This broken computer is a SAFPOS.

Don't listen to that SAFPOS.
by Qui Long July 09, 2009
A term defining any orifice used for sex (vagina, mouth, anus). It mostly commonly refers to a woman's vagina.
Guy 1: "I stuck it in her sexhole."

Guy 2: "Which one?"

Guy 1: "Her pussy."
by Qui Long July 09, 2009
1. Michigan's First Bank.

2. Motherfuckin Bitch
1. I went to MFB to rob some money.

2. She is an MFB.
by Qui Long July 09, 2009