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Verb. Looking to get hammered sexually or masterbate because her boyfriend is incompetent.
She started Raoing one off because she was unsatisfied sexually.
by quez September 16, 2003
When your sister resembles hanz from saturday night live and gets jealous when her mom goes jakiestyle on her brother
She just started hanzing off in a fit of jealousy.
by quez September 04, 2003
when your mom blows on your nuts after a hard days work of chasing your sister with a hard on.
My girlfriend just went jakiestyle on me.
by quez September 04, 2003
when you have a hard on all day and wait for your mom to get home and blow on your nuts
I just went jakiestyle on this woman last night.
by quez September 04, 2003
It’s the action of engaging in oral activates with anothers genitals.
So what’s up with all that talk, are you going to give me some slurp and burp.
by quez March 30, 2004
Noun. to perform unadequately in bed. Normally associated with pre-ejaculation.
He just did her ringostyle.
by quez September 16, 2003

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