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2 definitions by quetzalcoatlus

Origin: A portmanteau of sweats and jeans.

Sweans are an invention of the fashion industry in the 21st century originally designed as a hip substitute for "Mom Jeans". They offer the comfort of sweats without the "give up on life" attitude. Due to their tight fitting nature, sweans are not regarded as pants in some parts of the world. Not to be confused with swean.
That girl has one hella tight pair of sweans.
by Quetzalcoatlus March 09, 2014
A mythical creature who has traveled back in time from the eschaton to foretell of the coming apocalypse. It is an ethereal beast, so it must inhabit the soul of another already living being in order to have a physical presence. It communicates with its host through a series of subliminal guidelines and suggestions which lead the host to thought constructs and conclusions which they think their own.
Some say that William S Burroughs was inhabited by a bashawmblador.
by quetzalcoatlus January 18, 2012