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When someone is texting another and put unnecessary caps, symbols and misspelled words in their message. Mostly done by mistake or by the antics of a faulty phone
Mandy : aRE you going3 with MaRK to the Met's GAMe ?

Lou : Another example of Mandy's "Tourette's Texting (Texting Tourette's)"
by quest224 February 24, 2011
When someone tries to jump into a situation and be the hero, when it is completely unnecessary.
Justin tried to be Captain Save a Bitch when I put Lauren on blast for stealing my Atari games.
by quest224 July 18, 2009
When someone with a great smile smiles and causes others to smile just because of their smile.
Darren's teeth look so good that I just want to smile. He has such an infectious smile
by quest224 August 16, 2010
To get rid of or do away with someone or something after an undesirable event happens.
"I am going to drop the axe on Rich, Paul"


"He stole my ATM card and tried to sleep with my girl"

"They are going to drop the axe on Amanda because she calls in sick all of the time."
by quest224 July 16, 2009

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