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1) another way to describe my family

2) the lyrics to the blink 182 song, family reunion. it is repeated 4 times, then followed by: i fucked your mom

3) a really fun thing to say infront of an adult (try it)
do you really need an example for this?
by queers annonomous June 21, 2003
dumberer dumerer (adj)- very far below anything even remotly resembling intelligence at all
ur dumberer than that kid in the special olympics
by queers annonomous June 21, 2003
my best brown friend, commonly referred to as josh
twix owns all people cuz hes SO brown
by queers annonomous June 21, 2003
lets take this one word at a time:
poli- from the greek word meaning 'many'
tics(a.k.a.-ticks)- blood sucking creatures

politics=many blood sucking creatures
heaven doesnt want me and hells afraid i'll take over, so i'll go into politics.

u lie so much u should be a politician
by queers annonomous June 21, 2003
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