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An extremely hilarious TV show that was unfortunately cancelled by the idiots in charge at fox.
Why in the hell did FOX cancel futurama?
by queen_azure February 11, 2008
A very talented singer who unfortunately , is a sick pervert who urinates on little girls.
I liked R Kelly's music , until he peed on a 13 year old girl.
by queen_azure February 10, 2008
The bane of every fandom. They are characterized by poor social skills , obesity and dreadful hygiene.

Cat Piss Man tends to hang around comic shops never buying anything and scaring children.
Me and nephew were having a good time at the convention until some cat piss man started staring at us.
by queen_azure December 08, 2007
The main character of FFX. A white guy with Asian features. Tidus is somewhat ditzy but humorous.
I dunno why people disliked Tidus , he cracked me up.
by queen_azure January 10, 2008
What R Kelly does to little girls.
I can't believe R Kelly peed a on 13 year old girl.
by queen_azure January 09, 2008
An obese caucasian male who knows WAY too much about star wars , D&D and the like. The ugly cousin of cat piss man.
The comic shop in my area has too many fatbeards.
by queen_azure March 10, 2008
A misspelling of butt sex favored by 13 year old boys. Often used as an insult in online flame wars.
ZOMG! ne body who lykez p0p m00sic has teh buttsecks!
by queen_azure February 18, 2008

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