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1 definition by queen of iron chef

if memory serves me right, this a show that can be found on Food Network and The Fine Living Network.

It is known for it's over-the-top drama.

In the original Iron Chef Japanese, Chairman Kaga tries his best to pronounce "allez cuisine" to begin battle, but says what sounds more like "ALAKAZAM!" The producers of the show either never noticed, or found it hilarious and never informed him. (the best episode is the original Foie Gras episode...trust me)

The friendly announcer "Fukui-San" is often called upon by the floor reporter "Ohtah" in a very high pitched, hurried and excited voice sounding more like "SQUEEZE-ON!"

If you watch the show often you'll notice that both the challengers and the Iron Chefs say "I'll do my best" a lot! Also the panel judges will say "WHAAT???!!" and "ooohhhhhhh!" numerous times throughout the show.

during the tasting, the panel will often point out that the food is in their mouths.
"Squeeze-on! If you'll notice, the Iron Chef is now skinning the angler fish!" --Ohtah

"It looks to me like he's making some sort of noodle out of those crab brains." --Fukui-San
"WHHAATTTTT?! NOODLES?!!!" -- female panel member

"ohhh this black truffle, foie-gras, crab brain, fish eyeball stew is just so good in my mouth!" -- panel member
by queen of iron chef March 09, 2009