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the coolest band in the entire fucking world.with amazing drumming,kick ass guitars and bass,woven along with brian molko's haunting vocals,you'd be an idiot not to go to one of their shows.
every you every me is classic placebo material..
by queen bitch April 16, 2005
(noun) someone who gets things rocking.

see also "rocka"
Steph is a real rockah.
by queen bitch March 05, 2003
1.) a toilet that is kept under the bed in the event that the indoor plumbing doesn't work

2.) a name that a patient that is hard of hearing in the hospital claims that one of the nurses called her.
(after nurses talking about the SHIFT CHANGING AT SEVEN O CLOCK)

Who the hell just called me a shitpot?!?!?!
by Queen Bitch August 09, 2004
1.) a black dude living somewhere in Maryland that again, doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.
My cousin will kill any hassholes in her sight. YES, that means you Hasshole.
by Queen Bitch August 09, 2004
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