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somebody who shows up wearing a santa hat but looks gross nappy smelly dirty or an asshole etc
ayo doo doo clause

by qualo January 13, 2009
a terrible abbreviation for have you ever
andy- hayer seen a chevy wid da bofydoors?
surge- wtf
by qualo January 13, 2009
instead of saying, "would u have sex with that girl" you say
utza atza?

and if the answer is yes u respond utza atza
if the answer is no
you shake your head no
or simply reply no
huegh: utza atza?
gebutee:UTZA ATZA
by qualo April 08, 2009
a cool way of saying ya digg

yo ima kick you in the throat if u dont shut up ya diggles?
by qualo April 08, 2009
something said with ABSOLUTELY NO MEANING and used in the begining of a song
Soulja boy tell em (QUALO)

by qualo January 13, 2009
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