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Something funny said by a male. He - larious
John said a really funny joke the other day; it was HElarious
by quadman08 November 16, 2008
noun: The bulging of a male's testicles due to wearing tight clothes.
That guy's pants were so tight you could see his lemon box.
by quadman08 September 14, 2008
noun - mouth, the oral orifice that "gets wet" when salivated
That food looked so good my oralgina got wet.
by quadman08 November 20, 2008
noun - mouth; an orifice that, when aroused by the taste sense, salivates (gets wet)
That food looked so good that my oralgina got wet!
by quadman08 November 19, 2008
verb - to be colored blue

I bought some paint for the game and smurfed myself; blue is one of my school's colors.
by quadman08 November 20, 2008
noun - receiving sexual pleasure from certain smells
Your cologne gave me a nasal orgasm.
by quadman08 November 19, 2008
cunnilingus. orally lubricating a woman's vulva.
John: Did Jenny let you get to third base?
Matt: Oh yeah! I was greasing up her vocal cords all night long.
by quadman08 May 06, 2009
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