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A) A bro so monstrous that he dwarfs all other bros around him, reducing them to insignificant preps compared to the gallons of Abercrombie cologne he uses on his 7 pastel polos with popped collars.

B) One whose titanic strength and audacious nature is capable of going toe to toe with the douchiest of bros, guidos, and other douchebags and surviving unscathed.
Example 1: "Yo, did you see the guy chugging those natties and plowing those hoes at the party last night? He's gotta be the bro-hemoth of campus"

Example 2: "Oh my god, Big S is so cocky and crazy that he started a fight with an orange, jersey guido and his 500 cousins at the club last night. And he won. What a bro-hemoth."
by quad boy bro December 21, 2009

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