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Bunnet cheese is the left over sperm caught in behind your bunnet as your foreskin is rolled forward after climax. The 'cheese' becomes more mature if the bunnet is not washed for several weeks giving a noticable pungent aroma.
Glaswegian Girl - Aye, a went tae suck his boaby and the bunnet cheese wis loutin.
by Quad March 27, 2005
strange tingly and uncomfortable
My socks are pumbuly
by Quad March 30, 2003
a smooth material that bboys and bgirls use to breakdance on.
Get out your linoleum so we can get down on this break.
by quad December 06, 2004
my blankie doesn't smell icky
Saps saps saps
by Quad March 30, 2003

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