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Arrogant, cruel, draconian, ignorant, stringent.
"Marijuana smokers should be sent to jail for life? No, homie, that is so white."
"Do you always have to watch soap operas on Saturdays, can't I just watch a good football game every once in a while? Don't be so white, honey!"
"Every time we go to the beach and visit with my uncle you argue about politics instead of just talking over a Coke. Dude, that is so white."

"When you say, 'that is so gay' it hurts people that are gay.

And when you hurt people that are gay, that is SO WHITE."
by quacky758 July 15, 2012
It means that one is respecting another gentleman as an intelligent person in Western Canadian English.
Jack: "I want to go shopping at Value Village with my new girlfriend, who just came off the street with me."
Joe: "I've also got a girlfriend and I want to come with you. Peace mate."
by quacky758 July 15, 2012
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