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your gay best friend or a way to refer to men you treat as such
"Hey, hold my purse while we shop."
"Why are you gay-best-friending me?"
"Relax, homiesexual."
by quackgurl00 January 13, 2012
a divorce in which you're forced to give up all your shit to your former spouse
"I heard about you and Julia splitting up. I'm sorry, man."
"Yeah, and it's going to end up being a givorce. She's going to end up with everything... even the stuff she doesn't want."
by quackgurl00 January 13, 2012
when your friends try to keep you from stalking exes or hook-ups on facebook or other social media sites
hint: rhymes with "cock-blocking"
"I just want to see if he's dating another girl. Look, his profile picture is with this other girl... she's SO not pretty..."
"Girl, stop cyber-stalking him. It's not a good look."
"Stop stalk-blocking me!"
by quackgurl00 January 13, 2012
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