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anyone who rides black penis
haha crazy nightriders
by qdizzle June 17, 2003
wrapping aluminum foil paper around an object
To aluminate your inhaler. To aluminate your entire room.
by QDizzle February 23, 2012
Keenan busted out his schlong and it was cajungus.
by qdizzle June 17, 2003
peace, layyyyyyyyyyyy
by qdizzle June 17, 2003
1. n. a high ass indian dawg
2. n. a MCAT taking machine
3. v. to get high before hanging with his girlfriend
Damn, that Npdiddy is wild.

guy1: I gotta go hang with my girlfriend.
guy2: Damn foo, just npdiddy that shit.
by qdizzle June 18, 2003
totally and completely faded.
Damn, that chick was so schmaded she was about to slob my knob.
by qdizzle June 17, 2003
conjugation of scrilla.
bizznitch where my scrizzy at.
by qdizzle June 16, 2003
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